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aktuelle Bands & Projekte

GöB*BeNZ*HoFFMaNN – JAZZ meets nonJAZZ
Georg Goeb – Piano
Thore Benz – Bass
Michael Hoffmann – Drums

ENKHEYM – improvised chamber music
BRIGITTE VOLKERT – keyboards, vox, percussion, electronics
MICHAEL HOFFMANN – drums, percussion, live-electronics

Sour Crowd Kombinat – Funk Jazz R&B
Tino Schol – Voc & Sax
Gulf Schmid – Guitar
Steffen Runzheimer – Keys
Jens Schäfer-Stoll – Bass
Michael Hoffmann – Drums

COOLANOVA – Pop Club Lounge Dancefloor
Josanne Thomas – Vocals
Brigitte Volkert – Keyboards
Bernhard Heck – Bass
Michael Hoffmann – Drums

Little Wing – Lounge Jazz
Claudia Lemperle – Vocals
Tom Schüler – Trumpet & Fluegelhorn
Georg Göb – Piano
Stephan Langer – Bass
Michael Hoffmann – Drums

Claudia Lemperle Quartet – Jazz Latin Pop
Claudia Lemperle – Vocals
Karsten von Lüpke – Piano
Thore Benz – Bass
Michael Hoffmann – Drums

Manfred Häder & Bänd – Blues R&B Soul
Manfred Häder – Vocals & Guitar
Thomas Karb – Organ & Piano
Thore Benz – Bass
Michael Hoffmann – Drums

Fräulein Betty & die Chili Brothers – Jazz Schlager
Christine Clemens – Vocals
Udo Salomon – Vovals, Sax
Mark Schwarzmayr – Piano
Thore Benz – Bass
Michael Hoffmann – Drums

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